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Universal platform, integrated Dante configuration and third-party device control are among the strengths of the Xilica Designer software.
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Troubleshooting Device Connections.
How do I program and wire Solaro GPIO cards?
How do I create a Paging button?
My third-party device can't be controlled by another device!
How do I map my third party device?
How do I configure my Dante module?
How do I create Radio buttons?
How can I power On/Off a Power Sequencer using Logic?
How do I set up a 10k Potentiometer with a GPIO Voltage Input card?
What different processing modules does Xilica Designer offer?
I want my audio to Ramp-up or Ramp-down.
Can I mute my entire system with one button or switch?
Can I create an indicator to monitor the audio level?
What are Control blocks and How can I use them?
How do I use Device Heartbeat Monitor and Network Message Capture?
Xilica Designer crashes before Network View opens!
What are the different Logic modules and how can I use them?
What is Project Controller?
Recommendations when using Dante
What is the XWP control and how do I program it?
How do I create a Mute On and Off label?
How do I create a Stereo selector with radio buttons?
How do I remove a color or choose no color?
Can I Power On with a Preset?
What is Dante View?
How do I know which Firmware and Software versions I'm using?
How do I switch between different views in Xilica Designer?
How can I receive notifications about new software updates?
How do I skip Dante configuration in Xilica Designer?
How do I perform an IP Reset?
How do I import a pre-designed template into Solaro?
How do I use the User Defined Device module?
Where can I add project and device details and can I hide sensitive information?
How do I export a BluePrint drawing?
Are back-up files saved in Xilica Designer?
My device won't load the design to the physical device.
How do I password protect my DSP?
How do I create a large scale paging system?
Troubleshooting Dante primary and secondary ports.
How do I perform a Solaro FR1 or QR1 USB Firmware Recovery?
Can I download a previous Firmware version?
How do I zone page with momentary and radio buttons?
How can I convert a Neutrino project to a Solaro project?
Can I check device Resource Usage?
How do I change the font size in Xilica Designer?
How can I quickly duplicate chains of modules?
Can I create a document for Third Party Control Objects?
How do I organize my wires?
How do I go online with my project file?
How do I password protect my project file?
How do I transfer and share design files?
I forgot/lost my DSP device password.
What is the Generic Dante Device module in Xilica Designer?
How can I create presets?
How do I perform a Firmware Upgrade in Xilica Designer?
What are your partnerships with other audio/video manufacturers?
How can I connect my Xilica device?
How do I install the Xilica Designer software?
What is Network View?
What new features does XTouch Control v4.0.0 provide?
Network View Error Messages.
How do I find my computer's network information?
Xilica Designer v4.0.1 Release Notes
How do I create and export a Bill of Materials?
How do I create a new Xilica Designer project?
What is the Ducker module and how do I use it?
How can I save changes made from Online mode?
How can I use the Auto Feedback Suppression module?