Save any design files from the device onto your computer as all programmed data on the device will be erased during the recovery process. After the firmware recovery is completed, the design file can be loaded back into your device.

  1. Download the latest firmware version for your device from the Xilica website.

  2. Holding the IP reset button, power ON the device. The device will be booted in recovery mode. Under this recovery mode, the blue power LED will begin flashing in a special pattern.

  3. Open the Xilica Designer software and start Network View. The device must be online and operational (green ON indicator) to perform a firmware recovery.

  4. Click on the device block to highlight it.

  5. In the Device Management tab, select Neutrino/Uno/Rio USB Firmware Recovery > CPU Board Firmware Recovery. (Note: Xilica Designer projects must be closed for this function).

  6. Follow the onscreen instructions to perform the USB Firmware recovery.

  7. Once complete, the device will automatically reboot. At this stage, the process is only half complete. The device will appear in Network view in Recovery mode. In this mode, the only action available is to perform the second half of the recovery.

  8. Right click on the device block and select Firmware Recovery.

  9. Select the downloaded firmware file (From step 1). The device will then perform the second stage of the recovery. This will take approximately 5 minutes. Do NOT power off the device.

  10. The device will automatically reboot once the recovery process is completed.

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