Please follow the instructions below with extreme caution and care. Do not use excessive force when repairing your unit.

  1. Remove the top cover of the device.

  2. There are six screws inside the device. Locate and remove the 6 screws.

  3. Remove any I/O cards from the device.

  4. Remove the ultimo card (located on bottom right of device).

  5. With extra caution, locate the DSP board (there are two screws on board) and carefully remove it by wiggling the board gently.

  6. Move the removed boards to the new main board.

  7. Secure the DSP board with the two screws.

  8. Secure the 6 screws into the new unit, then re-insert your I/O cards and place the top cover on.

  9. Your main board has now been replaced.

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