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Checklist for Troubleshooting

  1. Is the Network running prior to connecting hardware?

  2. Is the software the current version? (Software About tab)

  3. Is the firmware the current version? (Firmware Version listed in device block or on front panel of device)

  4. Does your network have a DHCP-enabled router? Check the IP address and subnet of each device.

  5. Have the cables been verified and tested? (Always carry a cable tester)

Make sure you have a spare router and spare PoE switch on-hand as a tool. In many cases, the problem is somewhere in the existing network. It is important to isolate your hardware devices and test it in a known good environment.

There is no default IP scheme to Xilica devices. If there is no router, the device will default to a zero configuration, meaning it will self-assign an IP address. The computer should also use zero configuration address.

Lastly, try an IP reset. Make sure to save all files prior to completing an IP reset. 

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