Momentary buttons are best used for paging mics.

Open the device design. From the Component Library menu, drag a Mute button into the work area. Move the window to the side.

Next, open the XTouch Control device. Tile the two windows side-by-side.

Double click the mute module and drag the mute button onto the XTouch Control grid.

With the button highlighted, under Control Appearance/Functionality, change the type to Custom Momentary ON/OFF Button.

Now the mute will trigger when the button is pushed. However for a paging mic, we want push-to-talk. Therefore, the button must be inverted.

Under Display Indicator ON/OFF status, Invert the button to True.

Under Control Label, type a ON Label and OFF Label

Below the label, set the Minimum ON Hold time (ms).

You can also change the button colors and appearance properties.

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