Device information and network settings can be accessed using the front panel OLED display of the device.

To access the menus, push the jog wheel inwards.
Rotate the jog wheel to scroll through menus, parameters and values. Push the jog wheel inwards to edit a value. A save option will appear at the bottom of the menu after values have been adjusted.

The first menu displays the System Info.
This menu displays the model name, Firmware version, Mac address and device sampling rate. To change the device sampling rate, click here for further instructions.

The second menu displays the Network Info.
This menu displays the DHCP, IP address, Subnet, Gateway and DNS settings.
To set a static IP address, turn DHCP Off first. 

The third menu displays the Slot Info.
This menu displays the order of I/O option cards configured in the frame. Click here for a full list of available Solaro cards. When inserting and removing modular cards, please follow these steps. 

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