Solaro FR1's Dante module provides 64x64 channels of Dante networked audio at 48kHz, or 32x32 channels at 96kHz.

First you must first change the hardware and software sampling rates of your device. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Your hardware device and software sampling rates must match in order for the project to go online.
Changing sampling rates will invalidate and remove existing device data such as the design and related presets and parameters. If you proceed, the data will be lost. You will need to reload a new design to the device.

After the hardware and software sampling rate is set, configure the Dante module.

In Project View, double click the FR device module.

Click on the work area. The Object Property menu lists Device IO Card Configuration. At the bottom of the list is Dante Option Card.
The available Dante card option will list. 

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