On the back of the Neutrino/Uno DSP, there are GPIO Inputs and two relays.

GPIO: Four input signals (1, 2, 3, 4) and two are ground (G). GPIO input signals are momentary unless otherwise programmed in Xilica Designer.

Relay 1 & 2: Each relay has a Normally Open (NO) contact, a Normally Closed (NC) contact, and a common. When a high (true) signal reaches the GPIO output module, both the NO and NC physical contacts will invert, closing the external circuit (NO) or opening it (NC).

Xilica Designer
Double click the DSP module in Project View. The device design schematic will appear.
A list of Logic and Control items are available in Component Library. Logic blocks are triangle nodes. Control blocks are oval nodes. Only matching nodes can be wired together. 

Learn how to Power On the DSP with a preset here.

For Uno, design capabilities are unavailable. For further assistance, please email Xilica's Support team at: support@xilica.com

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