Control blocks are handled in percentage, while Logic blocks are Boolean (high/low, true/false).

Control modules can be found in the Component Library menu under the Control heading. Note the node shapes. Only matching nodes can be wired together. Logic blocks are triangle nodes. Control blocks are oval nodes.

Control modules:
Control Fader -
A generic fader with percentage values from 0 to 100%.

Control Inverter - Inverts the control signal polarity.

Control Range Detector - Set the detected range. If the signal is within the range, the In Range Output Level (%) will apply. If the signal is outside of the range, the Out Of Range Output Level (%) will apply.

Control Linear to Log Convertor - Converts Linear to Log. The Log Range (dB) can be set.

Control Log to Linear Converter - Converts Log to Linear. The Log Range (dB) can be set.

Control Range Scaler - The input range will scale to the output range.

Control Ramp -
Useful for Sound Masking system or for Ramping.
The Ramp type can be: Audio, Log, or Linear. The Up Rate (s) and Down Rate (s) provides the Ramp up and Ramp down time.
If the input signal is low-to-high, the Up Rate will take effect. If the input signal is high-to-low, the Down Rate will take effect.

Control to Logic - Convert the signal from Control (percentage) to Logic (high/low, true/false). Logic nodes are triangular, Control nodes are oval.

Logic to Control - Convert the signal from Logic (high/low, true/false) to Control (percentage). Logic nodes are triangular, Control nodes are oval. 

Voltage Controlled Amp - Adjusts the output gain of an audio signal relative to the control value input.

Audio Signal to Control - Converts audio signal to Control. This conversion can be done in either Linear or Log mode.

Logic Controlled Mute -If the input is high (true), the Logic Controlled Mute triggers and mutes the system. The number of I/O nodes can be configured in the Object Property menu.

Control Meter - A metering tool that displays the Control Value (%) input level.

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