Solaro DSP have a Project Controller which allows users to link items together.
Please visit Xilica's Technical Documentation for complete Project Controller information.

In this example, we will link a gain fader with a mute button. When a certain level is reached, the mute will trigger On. (This prevents the system from being pushed too far).

In Project View, Solaro DSP modules display a Project Controller button. Project Controller allows you to link items together.

Click the Project Controller button.

A window will pop-up. Move the window the side.

Double click the Solaro module to open the device design.

Drag in a gain fader and a mute button from the device design into Project Controller.

The controls will display as a numeric (fader) and logic (mute) block. (Note the different I/O node shapes)

The Component Library lists many modules and network controls.

Drag in a Slider (fader) and a Numeric Value to Logic Convertor. The Numeric Value to Logic Converter is used because the Slider is numeric and the Mute is logic; therefore a converter is needed to link the blocks together.

Double click the Numeric Value to Logic Converter.

Set the Check Condition and Check Value.
Example: Check Condition: Greater Than, Check Value: 10

When the input is Greater Than (Check condition) the Check Value, logic will go high or true. When this happens, the mute will trigger.

Control it using an XTouch Control
From the Solaro device design, drag in an RMS meter for the gain control, an RMS meter for the final audio output, and the mute control. (This allows you to see how the signal is affected.)

From Project Controller, drag in the Slider.

Save your file and go online with your design.
XTouch Control designs can be associated with Solaro devices.

On the XTouch Control device, Increase the Slider level.

In the Numeric Value to Logic Converter module, you can monitor the input value. When the Input Value is Greater than 10 (Check Condition, Check Value), the Mute is activated.

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