Start XWP design
Drag in an XWP control from the Component Library menu onto the work area.
The device can be renamed in the Object Property menu in Name.

Double click the XWP module to view the 32 available menu. (Each menu is labelled Item #)

Program a Preset
Click on the dotted background of the XWP. The Component Library menu will list all project presets. Click and drag a preset to an Item slot.

Rename the Preset button in Label > Label Text in Object Property. (Ex. Preset-1). Click off the label to view the text.

Adding Elements
Tile the device design and XWP design windows side-by-side.

Ctrl+Click elements onto the XWP control Item #. Rename the menu button in Label > Label Text in Object Property.

Similar items can be stacked onto one XWP control. With the item highlighted, the Object Property menu will list all stacked controls in Control List.

For fader elements, change the UI Min Value, UI Max Value and UI Step size values in Component Range of the Object Property menu.

Mute controls can also be labelled and display an On and Off label.

Hide Menus
In Object Property, select Advanced Mode Only to hide the menu.
For example, the XWP has 32 menus. If Advanced Mode is selected for one menu, the XWP control will only display 31 menus. To access the Advanced Mode menu, the device password is required.

Device Password
Close the XWP design. With the XWP module highlighted, in Object property you can set a password for the device. Device Config Password will lock the settings.

To get to the device settings on the XWP, hold down the rotary button down.

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