Open the DSP device design and XTouch Control design. Tile the windows side-by-side.

Double click the DSP module. Ctrl+Click and drag in an element into the XTouch Control grid. Similar objects can be stacked together.

Click + drag the second item on top of the first. The item will highlight in green to show a stacked control.

In the Object Property menu, under Control Parameters, Control List displays all controls associated with the button/fader.

To change the button/fader type, Dial Type under Control Appearance/Functionality, choose from a variety of options, including:
Vertical slider, vertical custom slider, Horizontal slider, horizontal custom slider,
Compact dial, text dial, Round dial, Custom round dial,
Up/down dial, Up/down dial with scale,
Option box, Radio button

You can also disable text input so values cannot be typed in. 

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