Xilica Designer provides three views: Network view, Dante view and Project view.

Upon starting a new project, the software will ask you to create a New Design Project, Open Design Project, Start "Network View" or Start "Dante View".
The software will open the selected option.

Project View: Project view enables users to design, configure, edit project information and control devices.

Network View: Network view manages devices in the network. Firmware and BIOS upgrades are completed in this view.

Dante View: Dante view manages real-time Dante connections. If preferred, the user can also manage Dante connections using Audinate's Dante Controller software. 

Switch between views
Click View at the top left of the software. This will allow you to switch between the three views.

Another way to switch views is at the top right of the software.

If you do not see Project View listed as an option, this means a project is not open. Create a new project or open a project for this view.

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