When a new software version is released, you can set up Xilica Designer to notify you automatically.

Open Xilica Designer.

Click Settings > Preferences located at the top left of the software.

In the General tab, check Display New Version Dialogue. Click "Done" and reboot Xilica Designer. Once a new software version is available, you will be automatically notified in Xilica Designer (upon software start up) and have the option to download and view release notes directly in the software as well.

In the Preferences General tab, you can also see the version of Xilica Designer that's currently running. 

Note: If your project(s) were created with an older software version, you should not upgrade unless you want to re-write your design file with the new version.
Also, using an older version of software with a newer firmware or newer software with an older firmware will work but some of the features may not be available and bugs could exist. We recommend upgrading the software and firmware to the latest versions.

Updates are also distributed through Xilica's mailing list and social media platforms. Subscribe and Follow us for the latest news!

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