Learn how to wire IO cards here.

Software selectable cards

  1. XC-SDA: software selectable as input or output card.
    When configuring IO cards in Xilica Designer, the AES card can be selected as a 2ch input card or 2ch output card. 

  2. XC-SUB: To set up the USB audio card, the first card slot must be a 2ch USB audio input followed by 2ch USB audio output.

  3. XC-SGP: GPIO cards can be selected as a 4ch GPIO Input, 4ch GPIO Voltage input or 4ch GPIO output card.

Configure card modules
Double click the device module to open it. Select the grid.

Configured cards will display in the work area. To swap a card, the cards can be configured in the Object property menu.
The cards in the hardware must match the design file in order to go online. Hardware cards slots are numbered right to left. (Right being card slot #1)

  1. XC-SML: Selectable mic/line inputs.
    Double click the card module.
    48V Phantom power is available per channel. (Premium quality mic pre-amps)
    Select Line (0dB), or Mic (+42dB gain in 6dB steps)

  2. GPIO Output Card: Output type is LED or sink (software selectable per channel)
    Double click the card module to select the type per channel.
    GPIO Input/Output blocks (Dark grey color) provides an enable/disable, or invert option per channel.
    LED mode will provide 3mA DC
    SINK mode will provide 300mA to Ground

Click here for card specifications.

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