System menu

  1. Press and hold: value up and down arrows + Exit button

  2. Use the menu arrows to scroll through the different menus. Press the Enter key to enter menus.
    For example, in the IP Address menu, press enter.
    Menu arrows will select the value to change, Value arrows will change the value.

  3. Press the Enter key twice to confirm changes.

Program XPanel in XConsole

  1. In the top menu, select XPanel > Setup

  2. A new window will pop-up. The following will walk through the XPanel Setup window from left to right.

  3. Menu selection
    Menu No.: change the current menu.
    Total no. of Menus: determine the total number of menus.
    Device Name: The device name will display on the front panel.

    Menu details:
    Display on LCD: Type a title menu
    Control data: select the parameters the menu will control.
    Data Min, Data Max, Data step size: sets minimum, maximum and step size for the selected parameter.

    Enable, Device, In/Out, Channel, Aux: choose which device, input/output, and channel the command will affect. Make sure the Enable box is checked.

To create a mixer menu, first determine the total number of menus and which menu to work on. (Menu selection section)

The Control Data will be Absolute Mixer Level.

Set the data min, data max and data step size. 

Select the device to control and input or output..
Channel and Aux will determine which input (channel) is mixed to which output (aux).

Ex. Channel 1, Aux 2: Channel 1 will be mixed to output 2.

Each command line must be Enabled to program the device. (Check the Enable box) 

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