Xilica Designer allows the designer to create a blueprint that can be used for documentation, submittals, and handed to an installation technician for use on the job site. The blueprint page can include wire identification/type, equipment names and locations, including notes for the job. As a BluePrint design is created, a Bill of Materials is also generated.

Solaro DSP devices also store a back-up file of the design inside the DSP. Click here for more information about Solaro back-up files.

Blueprints can be generated for Project Overview and DSP Schematic designs.

Project Overview export includes the Project Information box (located at the bottom right of the dotted work area). Information displayed includes: Company Name, Company Address, Document name, Document number, Author, and the date.

To Export the designs, navigate to the top of Xilica Designer and select 'Project' > Export Project Design Drawings.  

Select the design drawings to export and export them to JPEG or AutoCAD format.  
To export JPEG, click "Export to JPEG files" and select a computer location to save the drawings. This will print a JPEG image of the project view at a resolution of 1800x1200 pixels.
To convert the file to a PDF, another computer program, such as HyperSnap, can be used.

To export AutoCAD .dxf format, select the drop-down option. You can save drawings into separate files within a single directory, or save all drawings into a single .dxf file. Click "Export to AutoCAD dxf File". 

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