Solaro Series DSP will automatically save the project file to all Solaro DSPs in the project when going online. This file is for back-up purposes. Only the latest loaded project will be saved to the device. All older versions of the project file will not be stored. Therefore, protecting project files is very important.  

To retrieve the file,

  1. In Network View make sure the device is connected and online (Green ON). 

  2. Right click the device block > Device Setup. 

  3. In the General tab, Device Backup Data will display a Download Project Backup File button if a project file is available. Click the button to download the project file. 

  4. Type a file name and select the location of the file. Click "Save"

  5. Click "Done" to close the window. A status bar will display on the device block. Wait for the project file to be retrieved. The file will be saved as a .pjxml project file.  

  6. To open the file, File > Open.  

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