In the case where Xilica Designer crashes and the project file was not saved, you can recover a previous back-up copy.

Back-up files are only saved if there is a Master project file. (To create a master project file, File > Save As)
Every time a change is saved (File > Save or save disc icon), Xilica Designer automatically saves a back-up file. There are up to 3 back-up files saved by Xilica Designer (in rotation).  

The back-up files are found in the same location as the Master Project file.
Back-up files are named "(Master File Name).pjxml_Backup_#" 

To open a back-up file, the file must be renamed. Edit the file name and remove all text after '.pjxml'. The file name can also be changed as long as you keep the '.pjxml' extension at the end. 

Example: MasterFileName.pjxml_Backup_1  
Rename to: MasterFileName.pjxml 

Start Xilica Designer and open the edited back-up file. 

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