Xilica products with selectable sampling rates must match in software and hardware for the new sampling rate to take effect. 

Changing sampling rates will invalidate and remove existing device data such as the design and related presets and parameters. If you proceed, the data will be lost. You will need to reload a new design to the device.  

Set up hardware sampling rate

  1. Make sure your device is connected and online (Green ON indicator in Network View) 

  2. Right click the device block > Device Setup.  

  3. In Device Option Configuration, select the new sampling rate from the drop-down. Click "Yes" to proceed.  

  4. Click "Done". The device will reboot automatically. 

  5. Once completed, the new sampling rate will also display on the front panel display, if applicable.  

 Set up software design sampling rate

  1. In Project View, double click the device block.

  2. In the Object Properties menu, change the sampling rate in DSP options.  

  3. If a Dante card is used, the Dante card must also be set up.
    The Object Property menu lists Device IO Card Configuration. At the bottom of the list is Dante Option Card. The available Dante card option will list.
    Dante is available at 64x64 (48kHz sampling rate), or 32x32 (96kHz sampling rate).

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