Below are some best practices prior to heading to a job site. These tips will assist you in troubleshooting problems and can diagnose the problem quickly.

  1. Test all hardware and connections prior to stepping foot on a job-site.

  2. Test your completed design file. 

  3. Always have the latest Software and Firmware versions on-hand. (Xilica Designer, XTouchApp, product Firmware files, BIOS files).
    This can be downloaded from the Xilica website, or in Xilica Designer. 

  4. Download the USB Drivers and Technical documentation. This is helpful in the case the device needs to complete a Firmware Recovery.

  5. If using Dante, install Dante Controller. Take Audinate training from Audinate.

In your tool bag, always keep:

  1. Spare DHCP-enabled router. (We recommend Gigabit Routers)

  2. Gigabit PoE switch. Check the wattage rating and make sure there is enough power for your PoE devices.

  3. Network cable tester

  4. Quality, spare Ethernet cables 

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