Solaro Series processors have software activated AEC.

Note: Once AEC is activated in a device, the license cannot be transferred to another device or removed from the device. One AEC license applies for one device only. 

To obtain the AEC license file, please send a copy of the original purchase order, device model, serial number and device Mac Address to your Xilica distributor/dealer.

You will receive a .zip file with the AEC license. Download and open the .zip file. 

In Xilica Designer's Network View, locate your device. Make sure that the device is connected and Online (Green On indicator).

Right click the Device block and click Device Setup. 

Click on the Device Option Configuration tab. 

In the Device Software License Options section, click "Install New License file to Device". Select the AEC license file from your computer.

Please wait for the file to load. Once completed, AEC will display as Installed. You can also "Backup the License file from Device" in this window. Click Done to exit.

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