If you are having trouble with Dante devices, please first:

Check the Firmware version of your device, as well as the firmware version of the Dante card onboard the device. Make sure that they are both up-to-date.

If you are trying to connect a Dante-enabled device, and Xilica Designer displays the message: "Detected Dante System Fatal Error", turn your computer Wi-Fi Off and restart Xilica Designer.

To verify Dante network information, please use Dante controller.
If you are receiving Dante error messages or having trouble with Dante, please visit Audinate's FAQ first.

If your device Dante has both primary and secondary Dante interfaces, the primary and secondary IP address should be on different networks. Dante does not allow primary and secondary interfaces to be on same network.

If the two Dante Ethernet ports (primary and secondary) are connected to the same switch, and the primary Dante interface is periodically switching to a factory IP Address when the IP settings of the devices are set manually (Non-DHCP),  try disconnecting the secondary port and change the IP address of the secondary interface back to DHCP, then check if the problem persists.

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