If your NeuPanel Mini device is incorrectly detected in Xilica Designer, please perform a Firmware Recovery.

  1. Download the latest Firmware file from the Xilica website.

  2. Connect the device to Xilica Designer using USB and Ethernet connection.

  3. In Network View, highlight the device block. Go to Device Management > Neutrino/Uno/Rio USB Firmware Recovery > CPU Board Firmware Recovery

  4. Select the correct firmware file.

  5. Once the Firmware file is selected, Xilica Designer will ask the specific model of your device. (i.e Mini S4, S8, K1, K4, S4K1)

  6. Follow the remaining steps.

  7. Once the Firmware Recovery has completed, the device should reboot itself. After reboot, the device will appear in Xilica Designer's Network View.


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