For PoE enabled devices, a PoE switch provides power and network connectivity over a single ethernet cable.

When selecting a PoE switch, we recommend NetGear PoE switches.

A Gigabit PoE switch is recommended.

Wattage Power
Xilica products that can be powered by PoE are IEEE 802.3af (PoE). This includes: Solaro QR1, XIO-8, XWP and XTouch wall controls.
The original PoE standard provides 15.4W of power to the Ethernet port to be sent = 12.95W of delivered power at 100M distance from the switch.
Make sure the PoE switch has enough power to power all of the devices.

Switch Category
An unmanaged PoE switch is fine, unless you are doing a large-scale Dante application.

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