The UDP broadcast allows the device to be detected in Network View.
However to make the device fully functional, the TCP connection must be working as well.

To test your connections, use the Connectivity Test feature in Xilica Designer.

  1. Open Xilica Designer's Network View. Double click the device block.
  2. A Device Setup dialog will appear. Select the Network tab.
  3. At the bottom, you will see a Connectivity Test section.
  4. Select TCP Test to perform a TCP test to the device. Select UDP Test to perform a UDP test to the device.

If you are having TCP connection issues, the most common TCP issue is related to your computer firewall. You may want to disable your computer firewall to verify the issue.

If you are having UDP broadcast connection issues, please ensure that the ports below are NOT blocked.

The following TCP/UDP ports are used.
10001 - TCP control port
10002 - UDP heart beat broadcast port
10003 - UDP data change update port
10006 - UDP meter data update port
10007 - TCP 3rd party control port
10008 - UDP 3rd part data update port

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