If the device OS has become corrupted, which can occur if the unit lost power or host computer connection during a routine firmware update, then a USB recovery update is used to recover the device. Please note, this will erase the device. Be sure to save any settings and project files beforehand. The full firmware recovery process will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

  1. Ensure you are running the latest version of the Xilica Designer software available at www.xilica.com.

  2. Download the appropriate USB driver.
    PC USB Driver
    Mac USB Driver

  3. Download the recovery firmware file from the Downloads section of the FR1 or QR1 product page at www.xilica.com. The file will be formatted the same or similar to the following: solaro_unified_v4.1.0.xfw.

  4. Connect the device via USB to your host computer using a USB A-Male to Micro B cable.

  5. Connect the device via Ethernet to your host computer.

  6. Press and hold the IP reset button (front panel for QR1, back panel for FR1), then power ON the device while continuing to hold the button for 10 seconds. A blue LED on the device will quickly flash 8 times then pause and repeat.

  7. Launch Xilica Designer and go to the Network View.

  8. Navigate to Device Management > Solaro USB Firmware Recovery > CPU Board Firmware Recovery.

  9. Follow the on-screen instructions. When it asks for the firmware recovery file, choose the file downloaded in step 3.

  10. Continue with the on-screen instructions. Select the USB port to load the file to the device. Once started, this process will take around 20-30 minutes to complete.

  11. When complete, the device will automatically reboot and appear in Xilica Designer's Network View showing Recovery Mode.

  12. Right-click on the device and select CPU Board Firmware Recovery. When prompted for the firmware file, navigate to and choose the same firmware file used previously: solaro_unified_v4.1.0.xfw. This second stage of the recovery process is performed over Ethernet and will take 3-5 minutes. Once completed, the device will reboot and appear in Network View as normal. The device is now restored.

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