You can download previous or current firmware files for Xilica devices directly from Xilica Designer.

Wi-Fi must be turned On in order to download the Firmware files.

To navigate to Device Firmware Manager,

Start Xilica Designer and open Network View.

At the top, select the Device Management tab > Device Firmware Manager.
(If a project open, this option is not available. Please close the open project to proceed.)

A window will appear listing Xilica devices, firmware versions, release notes and a Download button. Click the Download button to download the desired Firmware file. Once completed, click Done.

The files will be directly downloaded your computer.

Performing a Firmware Upgrade will erase the entire device. Please save any project files/designs before proceeding.

To Firmware upgrade your device, right click the device block in Network View. 

Select Firmware Upgrade.

A window will appear with a drop-down list. You can select a Firmware file from your computer (You must know file location) or you can select the correct firmware file version downloaded from the Device Firmware Manager. Then click Ok.

A status bar in the device block will monitor the Firmware upgrade progress.

Once the Firmware file has been loaded to the device, the device will automatically restart and update its internal data. This may take several minutes. During this period, the device network indicator will turn RED and appear offline.

DO NOT POWER OFF THE DEVICE. Powering off the device during a Firmware Upgrade can result in a complete corruption of the processor. If this happens, a USB Firmware Recovery must be completed. (Please refer to Xilica Designer help file or Xilica FAQ for further assistance)

Once the firmware upgrade is completed, the device will display a green ON indicator.

If you need to locate the saved Firmware files that were downloaded from the Device Firmware Manager, the directory will be listed in the Settings tab > Preferences.

In the General tab, System Data Directory displays the location of where the downloaded firmware files will be saved to.

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