For Solaro devices, the diagnostic functionality is already included in the firmware. Since the diagnostic functionality is built into the production firmware already, you DO NOT need to load in a different firmware to the device. Simply follow the procedure below to perform the diagnostic test.

Connect the device USB port to the computer and launch the Xilica Designer software.

Connect the Ethernet port and Dante port to a switch. Or you may connect these two ports by a network cable. The diagnostic test will test the physical connection of the Ethernet port and Dante port.

Launch the Xilica Designer software. Start Network view and select your device.

Under the top tab ‘Device Management’, select ‘Solaro USB Firmware Recovery’. Then click ‘Solaro Advance Recovery’ > ‘Boot device into diagnostic mode'.

There are two test modes: Quick test and Full test. The quick test takes approximately 2 minutes to complete. The full test takes approximately 1 hour 10 minutes to complete.

Select the test mode and follow the on-screen instructions to power reset the device.

Once the application detects the boot of the device, it will put the device into diagnostic mode.

Once started, the ‘Audio In’ LED on the front panel will begin to flash. This indicates that the test is running.

Once completed, the ‘Audio In’ LED will stay Green to indicate that the test is completed.

The test result will be displayed by the ‘Audio Out’ LED.If the Audio Out LED is Green, this means that all tests have passed. If the Audio Out LED is red, this means that some tests have failed.

Reboot the device normally and the test results can be retrieved from the Xilica Designer software.

Important: Once the test has started, please wait until the whole test has completed. If the test is disrupted (i.e power Off during test), this may cause corruption of the firmware and you may need to perform a USB firmware recovery to the device. Once the test is completed, whether it has failed or passed, a test report will be stored into the device. If you restart the device, the Xilica Designer software will detect the diagnostic report from the device and provide a button for you to download the diagnostic report. You can go into the top ‘Device setup’ tab dialogue to retrieve the report.

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