Solaro USB BIOS upgrades must be upgraded along with new firmware. Bugs may exist with different versions of firmware, BIOS, and software. Click here for a list of detailed file version compatibility.

*The same procedures are used for Solaro FR1, XIO-16* 

Please note that the USB BIOS Upgrade will erase the entire device. Make sure you save your changes beforehand.  

  1. Save any design files from the device onto your computer as all programmed data on the device will be erased during the upgrade process. After the firmware upgrade is completed, the design file can be loaded back into your device. 

  2. Download the USB driver and Front Panel BIOS file from the Xilica website. Blue and black colour processors have different front panel BIOS versions. 

  3. Connect the device via USB to the host computer. 

  4. Launch the Xilica Designer software. Start Network view. 

  5. Holding the IP reset button, power ON the device  
    (Solaro QR1 can be powered either through external power or PoE. In recovery mode, the blue power LED will begin flashing in a special pattern. The device will quickly flash 8 times in one second and then off for another second.)

  6. Select your device. 

  7. Under the top tab ‘Device Management’, > ‘Solaro USB Firmware Recovery / BIOS Upgrade’ > ‘Solaro Advance BIOS Upgrade > Front Panel BIOS Upgrade.  
    Xilica Designer projects must be closed for this function. 

  8. Follow the on-screen instructions. 

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