Solaro is a "series". It's a grouping of different product ranges (a "range" is XIO, XWP, FR -- if FR includes more than one model (e.g. FR1, FR2 - NOT FR with Dante, FR without Dante).

If the device O/S is corrupted for some reason during the upgrade (Ex. Device is powered OFF while device is writing O/S), the user will have to perform a full firmware recovery to the CPU board. Please note that Firmware Recovery will erase the entire device. Make sure you save your changes beforehand. The full firmware recovery process will take up to 40-50 minutes to complete.

1. Download the appropriate USB Driver.

PC USB Driver
Mac USB Driver

2. Next, Download the firmware file for your device from the Xilica website. (Approximately 100Mbytes in .xfw format)

3. Connect the device via USB to your host computer.
Then also connect the Ethernet port so that it can communicate with your host computer. The second stage of the recovery requires Ethernet access to the device.

4. Press and hold the IP reset button, then power ON the device.

The 'Operate' LED should start flashing in a special pattern. (It quickly flashes 8 times in one second, and off for another second)

5. Launch Xilica Designer and start Network View.
At the top of the software, navigate to "Device Management" > "Solaro USB Firmware Recovery" > "CPU Board Firmware Recovery". 

6. Follow the on-screen instructions. When it asks you for the Firmware File, choose the latest Firmware file downloaded from our website.

7. Continue with the on-screen instructions to select the USB port to load the file to device. Once started, this process will take around 20-30 minutes to complete.

8. After 30 minutes, the download should complete and the device should reboot itself. After reboot, the device will appear in Xilica Designer's Network View.
You will notice on the device block, it will display 'Recovery Mode'.

8. Right mouse click on the device block and select 'Firmware Recovery'. It will ask for the Firmware File again. Select the latest Firmware file downloaded from our website.

9. The rest of the Firmware will load to the device through the network. The process will take 3-5 minutes to complete. Once completed, the device will reboot and appear in Network View as normal. 

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