We use a number of different order statuses as your Xilica order processes through our system.

Awaiting Payment

Your order has been received by Xilica, and an email has been sent to your billing/order contact to request payment. Once payment has been received, your order will move onto the next stage.

Awaiting Available Inventory

Your order has been held pending available inventory. An item on your original purchase order is currently out-of-stock, on back-order. Your order is being held until all products are available prior to dispatch. If you wish to part-ship your order, you can contact Xilica Dealer Services who will be happy to expedite your in-stock components.

With Distribution Center

All items on your order are available for immediate dispatch, and your order is being prepared for carrier pickup. At this time, no further changes are permitted to your order, as orders can be dispatched immediately once they move to this stage.


Your order has been tendered to our chosen carrier for delivery to its final location. You can track your order at any time using the Air Waybill details, or tracking number found on your dispatch notification email. For re-delivery, signature release, delivery service upgrade and other special requests, please contact the carrier directly using the details below:

DHL Express: +1 800-CALL-DHL
UPS, Inc.: +1 800-PICK-UPS
FedEx Express: + 1 800-GO-FEDEX


Your order has been fully delivered to its final location. If you encounter any problems with your order, or you have not received it, please contact Xilica Dealer Services on +1 (877) 767-0234.

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