To delete a previously set password for X Series devices, you must use the XConsole software (PC only) and you must know the current device password.  

  1. Begin by opening up the XConsole software.  

  2. Click "Yes" to connect to the device. 

  3. Under the "Start" tab at the top of the software, select "LogOn". 

  4. Type in the device password to unlock the device.  

  5. Navigate to the "Security" tab and select "Password". Click "Yes" to proceed. 

  6.  Clear the "New Password" and "Confirm Password" box. Then click "OK".  

  7. A green status bar at the bottom of the device window will display the device status. Once the status bar displays "Connection OK", the password has been cleared from the device.

  8. To unlock the device, simply press the "Enter" key.  

If your device is locked with a password and you do not know the password, please follow the password reset instructions here.  

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