Many times in designing audio systems, making multiple processing chains are needed, like in the case of loudspeaker management for multiple zones. 

Set up a string of parameter modules and rename them to have a ‘-1’ at the end of the name. 

1. Click and drag a selection box around the entire string of parameters and copy/paste the modules. (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V, or right click Copy right click the background to paste) 

2. The duplicated modules will be numbered accordingly. 

When multiple DSP Modules will need the same or similar settings, the first module can be set up, then copied and pasted. 

Multi-node population

When a number of design element blocks have been wired, all of the nodes can be labelled in one stop. 

Click and drag a selection box around the wires. In the Object Property menu, rename the nodes. The input and output nodes will be renamed with the propagate label. 

Source label: labels wire source
Dest. Label: labels wire destination
Propagate label: renames both source and destination nodes through the design 

Click Show Advance Properties to also view the cable ID and Type information.

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