To create documentation for third party programming,

  1. In Xilica Designer, open the device module.
  2. Double click the desired DSP module. 
  3. Ctrl + click on the object(s) to highlight it. 
  4. Right click the highlighted object(s) and select "Create 3rd Party Control Object Name".
  5. Name the control object and click "Ok".
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for all desired DSP modules.
  7. Third Party controlled or named DSP modules will display a red dot at the top left corner of the DSP module. 
  8. Go to the "Project" tab at the top left of the software and click "Device 3rd Party Control Manager".
  9. A window will pop-up and list all assigned DSP modules. Right click the top row in the window to select desired values to display/hide.
  10. Once complete, click "Export to MS Excel". Save the file to a memorable location on your computer and send the file to the third party programmer.

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