There are two types of files in Xilica Designer: .pjxml, .sxml. 

.pjxml: Xilica Designer project file. This type of file includes the entire project design, including device schematic designs. To save a .pjxml file, simply File > Save As

When saving the file, a recommended format name is:
Recording the software version, version number and last update date will help you stay organized and keep track of projects, especially when other software versions are available.

 .sxml: Device schematic design file. This type of file includes the device schematic only. 

There are 2 ways a .sxml file can be exported: Network View or Project View. 

(1) Network View
If the device is connected and online, right click the device and "Export Device Design to File". This will pull the design from the hardware device and save the file as an .sxml. 

(2) Project View
Right click the device block and "Export Device Design to File". This will export the design inside the device block.

When sharing a device schematic design file (.sxml), you will need to compress the file into a .zip file first or the recipient will not be able to open the file.  

Once a file has been received, check the file name. 

.pjxml files can be open by  File > Open Project
.sxml files can be imported through Project View. Right click the device > "Import Device Design from File". Double click the device to view the schematic design.
Note: If the received file is a .zip file, open the .zip file first to view the .sxml file. 

To password protect a .pjxml design file, click here.

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