X Series IP Address can be found on the front panel of the device or in the software.

Device front panel
Click the "Enter" button to enter the System menu.
Use the "Menu" arrows to navigate to the Ethernet menu.
The device IP Address can be viewed. To configure the device network settings, use the cursor arrows and jog wheel to change the values. Click "Enter" to save changes.

XConsole software
Open XConsole.
Double click the connected device in the Device list.
The device window will pop up. Select the "Device" button located at the bottom left of the window.
The device IP Address and network settings are displayed.

Xilica Designer software

Some features are unavailable for X Series in Xilica Designer, including seeing your device in Network View. An alternative solution is to view your device IP Address by selecting Map to Physical Device.
In Project View, drag and drop the device module onto the work area. Right click the module and select "Map to Physical Device" > "Universal Control IP Setting..." > "Change IP Setting".

Set the device IP Address to match the IP Address on the device front panel. Click "Ok." Select "Map to Physical Device" again > "Universal Control IP Setting...". The device IP Address can now be seen here.
The device IP Address can also be seen when going online. 

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