Please note that using an older version of software with a newer firmware or newer software with an older firmware will work but some of the features may not be available and bugs could exist. We recommend upgrading the software and firmware to the latest versions. 

The latest Firmware and Software versions can be found on the Xilica website.  
Note: if you have an older version of the software already installed on your computer, you must uninstall the program prior to installing the new software version. 

The current device firmware version can be found on the front panel of the device. Upon boot up of the device, the current device firmware version will briefly display on the front panel, or enter the System menu using the "Enter/Sys" key and navigate to the "Info" tab to view the current device firmware.  

To view the current software version, click on the “About” tab at the top of the software.

 Performing a Firmware Upgrade in XConsole: 

  1. Download the latest firmware version for your device from the Xilica website in the downloads section of the product page. 

  2. Save any design files from the device onto your computer as all programmed data on the device will be erased during the upgrade process. After the firmware upgrade is completed, the design file can be loaded back into your device. 

  3. The device must be online and connected via USB or RS232. 

  4. Select the device you would like to upgrade. At the top of the software, select "Upgrade" > "Firmware". Make sure your device data is saved before proceeding. Firmware Upgrade will erase all data from the device. 

Click "Yes" to continue.  

Navigate to the file in which you downloaded the new Firmware file. Click "Open". 

The green status bar in the device window will display the Firmware Upgrade process. This may take several minutes. During this period, the device network indicator will turn RED and appear offline. DO NOT POWER OFF THE DEVICE. Powering off the device during a Firmware Upgrade can result in a complete corruption of the processor.  

Once the Firmware file has completed, the device will need to be manually switched Off and On again. The software will also need to be rebooted. The new firmware version can be confirmed on the front panel of the device.  

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