In order to control an X Series device with an Android or iOS device, the Xilica Designer software and XTouchApp must be used. Please note that some features are not available for X Series within Xilica Designer.

Download Xilica Designer here.
Download XTouchApp for Android devices
Download XTouchApp for iOS devices

Connecting X Series device

  1. Start by opening Xilica Designer and creating a New Project.
  2. Create a Neutrino/Uno/Rio Series Project.
  3. In the left Component Library menu, drag and drop the X Series device into the work area grid.
  4. To associate the device module with the physical hardware, right click the device and select "Map to Physical Device" > "Universal Control IP Config" > "Setup IP Address..."
  5. Set up the IP Address of the processor. Then click "Ok".

Designing an XTouch Control page

  1. Next, drag in an XTouch control into the work area. 
  2. Double click the XTouch control to open the device. 
  3. Click "Resize Panel" to resize the grid area for your device. Once configured, move the window to the side.
  4. Double click the X Series module to view the X Series DSP schematic. Click the tile button at the top right of the work area to automatically arrange the windows side-by-side.
  5. In the X Series window, use Ctrl + Click (PC) / Cmd + Click (Mac) to select items.
    Drag and drop the items onto the XTouch work area.
    Design the XTouch page(s) accordingly.
  6. Drag and drop Design Elements from the Component Library menu to organize the XTouch page. Customize objects in the Object Property menu on the right.
  7. Rename, delete and add pages in the left panel of the XTouch window. 
  8. Once the design is completed, close both device windows.

Saving Projects

  1. Navigate to the "File" tab at the top left of the software.
  2. Click "Save As" to save a new Project file. 
  3. If a project file is already created, click "Save" to save project changes. The save icon at the top right of the work area (Floppy Disk icon) can also be used to save changes to the existing project file quickly.

It is recommended to back up Project Files to an external location. 

Online Mode

  1. Navigate to Network View.
  2. Download the XTouch app for Android devices and Apple devices here
  3. Once installed, open the XTouch App on the device.
  4. To configure the XTouch device information, swipe up on the device screen and select the settings gear icon. Select "Advanced Settings" to configure device information.
    If the device is configured properly, the device will display in Xilica Designer's Network View with a green On indicator.
  5. Once configured, right click on the XTouch module in Xilica Designer and "Map to Physical Device". Then select the device with correct Mac address.
  6. Save the file using "File" > "Save".
  7. At the top, select "Load Design to Device(s)".
  8. Select the devices to load the design to and click "Ok".

In online mode, the work area will turn into a solid grey color. The associated Android/iOS device will now control the X Series device.

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