In order to control X Series DSP with another device, download the Xilica Designer software and XTouchApp here.
Xilica Designer is compatible with both Mac and PC.
XTouchApp is compatible with any Mac, PC, iOS or Android device.

X Series can only connect to one control device at a given time.  

Design for XTouchApp
The following begins with an open project.

  1. Drag an XTouch Control device onto the dotted work area.  

  2. Double click the XTouch Control to open the device.  

  3. Click "Resize Panel" to resize the grid area for your device. Click "Ok". Below, you can also add, delete and rename pages.  Move the XTouch window to the side.

  4. Double click the X Series module. Click the tile button at the top right of the work area to automatically arrange the windows side-by-side. 

  5. In the X Series device, use Ctrl + Click to select parameters, or drag a selection box around items. Drag and drop the items onto the XTouch work area. Arrange items and modify Object Properties using the menu on the right. The Component Property menu on the left provides drawing elements to further organize your design. 

  6. Once the design is completed, close both device windows. 

  7. File > Save your project
    It is recommended to back up Project Files to an external location.  

 Going Online 

  1. At the top right, select Network View. 

  2. Download the XTouchApp for your device.

  3. Once installed, open the XTouch App on the device. 

  4. Swipe up on the device screen and select the gear (settings) icon. Note the IP Address. You should see the device appear with a Green ON status. 

  5. To confirm your device, in Network View, right click the device block > Flash Front Panel. Note the device Mac Address.  

  6. Switch back to Project View. Right click the XTouch Control module > "Map to Physical Device" > select the device with correct Mac Address. 

  7. At the top-centre of the work area, "Load Design to Device(s)". 

  8. Select the devices to load the design to and click "Ok". 

  9. In online mode, the work area will turn into a solid grey color. Close Xilica Designer. You will now be able to control the processor using the XTouchApp.  
    If you are unable to control the device, restart the XTouch App.

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