NeuPanel Mini Series controls are available for Neutrino and Uno Series.
Only "S" models (S4, S8, S4K1) can trigger presets. "K" models (K1, K4) cannot trigger presets. Click here for NeuPanel Mini control descriptions. 

Programming a Mini Device
This project begins with a completed design in Xilica Designer.
In Xilica Designer's Project View, click and drag a Mini Series control from the Component Libraries menu into the design.

In this example, a Mini S4K1 control and an Uno U1616-N DSP will be used. The level control on the Mini-S4K1 can only be programmed with a control fader of any single value change such as: gains, threshold, frequency, etc.

Double click the NeuPanel module to open it and move the window to the side.

Double click the device module to open it. Double click a DSP module to view the parameters.

Drag and drop the parameter onto the control. Programmed controls will turn green.

You can also program presets. (Only "S" models (S4, S8, S4K1) can trigger presets).
To program a preset,

With the wall control module selected, the Component Library will list all saved Project Presets. 

Simply drag and drop the desired preset onto an available button on the wall control. 

To change a programmed preset to another saved preset, select the button control that you would like to change. In the Object Property menu, in the Component Action Value drop down list, select the new preset that you would like to switch to.

Naming buttons

Select the desired control that you would like to rename.

In the Object Properties menu, rename the control in the Label Text.

Remove a programmed control/button

Select the desired button/fader on the wall control.

Right click and select Clear button.

Map device(s)/Online Mode

Devices must be connected and online in order to go online. Check the device connection status in Network View and note the Mac Address. 

In Project View, right click the device module. Select "Map Physical Device...". > select your device. The Mac Address is listed beside the device name.

Once mapped, the module will be solid grey in color and the Mac Address will display at the bottom of the module.

Save the project by using "File" > "Save As..." or "File" > "Save".

Click "Load Design to Device(s)" button at the top of the work area. 

A window will appear. Select the devices to load the design to and click "Ok"

Allow the design to load to the devices. Once loaded, the work area is now a solid colour. This indicates that you are in Online mode.

Switch back to Design mode any time by selecting "Go back to Design Mode" located at the top of the work area. 

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