Xilica's XTouchApp enables users to control their device(s) using any Mac, Pac, iOS or Android device. 

Design XTouch Control
With a completed design in Project View, 

  1. Drag and drop an XTouch Control module. 

  2. Double click the module to open it. 

  3. Resize the panel for your device. Click "Ok". The grid will resize accordingly.
    You can also add, delete and rename pages. Move the XTouch window to the side.

  4. Open the device you'd like to control. Use the top Tile button (next to save icon) to organize the windows side-by-side. 

  5. For DSP modules, double click the module to view the parameters.  

  6. Click and drag the parameters onto the XTouch grid. To select multiple items at a time, click and drag a selection box around parameters, or hold Ctrl+Click. 

  7. Resize the items on the XTouch grid. Change item properties in the Object Properties menu. Object Properties vary per selected object. 

  8. In the Component Library menu, drag and drop 3rd Party Device Control elements, Drawing elements, control page button, embedded web browser, or project presets into the design.  

  9. Once complete, save your changes. (File > Save) 

Going Online

There are two ways to go online with XTouch Control: 

  1. Map the design to a specific XTouch panel. 

  2. Associate the XTouch Control with a Solaro Series DSP. This stores the design in the DSP device so that any XTouch control panel can obtain the design without needing to map it in Xilica Designer. This allows multiple users to access the XTouch control.
    Important: Because XTouch designs can be associated with Solaro devices, it is recommended to password protect the XTouch device configuration so only authorized personnel can load designs to the panel.

Map design to a specific XTouch Panel  

  1. Install the XTouchApp for your device.

  2. Open the XTouchApp. 

  3. Swipe up on the device and select the gear (settings) icon. Note the device IP Address.

  4. In Xilica Designer's Network View, locate the device block. To confirm the device, right click the Device block > Flash Front Panel. Note the Mac Address.

  5. Navigate back to Project View.  

  6. Right click the XTouch module > Map to Physical Device > Physical Devices > Select XTouch Control with correct Mac Address. The Mac Address will display at the bottom of the module.  

  7. At the top-centre of the work area, "Load Design to Device(s)".  

  8. A window will pop-up with a list of detected devices. Make sure your device is selected. Click "Ok" to load the design. 

  9. Select "Go Back to Design Mode" to switch back to design mode any time. 

Associate XTouch Control with Solaro Series DSP. 

1. In Xilica Designer's Project View, right click the device.
2. Select "Map to Physical Device" > "Associate XTouch design with Solaro DSP device" > select the Solaro Series device
3. Notice that on the Solaro Series DSP, a new "Associated XTouch(s)" button appears.
4. Click the "Associated XTouch(s)" button and select the XTouch Control to view the XTouch design.
5. At the top of the work area, select "Load Design to Device(s)". The XTouch Control will display in red as not connected. Click "Ok."
6. Open the XTouch App on your device.
7. Swipe up on the device screen and select the gear (settings) icon. Configure your device settings and "Ok" to save the changes.
8. Swipe up on the device screen. Select the link icon (next to gear icon).

9. The XTouch App will look for a device on the network. Once found, the screen will display the Solaro Series DSP name and associated XTouch Control.
10. Select the XTouch Control and click "Apply".  
11. The design will be loaded onto the XTouch App device.
12. Double click the XTouch Control module in the Xilica Designer software.
13. Changes made on the XTouch App device will mirror in the Xilica Designer software.
14. Select "Go Back to Design Mode" to switch back into design mode any time.

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