In Network View, make sure your device(s) are connected and online (Green ON indicator). Note the device Mac address.

  1. Open your Project file.

  2. Right click the device module > Map to Physical Device > select device (Mac Address)
    If you have multiple devices and are unsure which device it is, go to Network View. Right click the device block > Flash Front panel. Note the device Mac Address. 

  3. Back in Project View, at the top-centre of the work area, "Load Design to Device(s)". 

  4. A window will appear confirming the devices that you would like to go online with. Ensure your devices are checked.  

  5. A progress bar will appear at the top of the work area.
    Once online, you'll notice that the work area becomes a solid grey color and the menus in Project View are no longer available. To switch back to Design mode, click "Switch Back to Design Mode" located at the top of the work area.  

If you are online and want to save your changes back into the design file, 

  1. In Project View, click "Go Back to Design Mode" at the top-center of the window. 

  2. Select "Yes" when asked to copy device parameters when switching back to design mode. Please note that this will overwrite the Xilica Designer file on your computer. 

  3. The changes will be applied to your design.
    You can add the new device settings to a preset. You can also save the settings as a new project by selecting "File" > "Save As". 

We recommend backing up project files to an external location.

Solaro Series DSP will automatically save the project file to all Solaro DSPs in the project when going online. This file is for back-up purposes. Only the latest loaded project will be saved to the device. All older versions of the project file will not be stored. Therefore, protecting project files is very important.



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