Browse the Xilica website for a list of available pre-designed projects to load into your Uno device.

Please note that you must match the processor module with the file; meaning you cannot load an Uno U1616 project into an Uno U0808 processor.

Load a Pre-Designed File to an Uno Device:

Download a pre-designed project file from the Xilica website. Make sure the Uno file matches the Uno device used in your design.

Double click the downloaded .zip file. You will see an .sxml project file.

Navigate to Xilica Designer's project view. Drag and drop the Uno device from the Component Library menu on the left into the work area grid.

Right click the Uno device and select "Import Device Design from File..."

Please note that loading a project design into the Uno device will override all settings in the Uno. Click "Yes" to proceed. 

Locate and open the downloaded .sxml file.

When the file has successfully loaded into the device, click "Ok". 

Double click the Uno module in the work area. The device schematic will open.

Double click on any DSP module to open the module and make adjustments as required. 

Map Design to Device/Online mode:

First, save your project. At the top under "File", select "Save As..." to create a new Project File, or select "Save" to save changes to the existing project file. 

To go Online, all devices must be connected and online. To check the device network status, go to Xilica Designer's Network View. Connected devices will display with a Green On network status indicator. This shows that the device is connected and online.

Go back to Project View. Right click the device that you would like to map and select "Map to Physical Device". 

Select the device that you would like to map. The device IP Address is listed beside each device name.

Once mapped, the module will become a solid grey color. 

At the top of the work area, click "Load Design to Device(s)".

Note: it is very important that the name of the DSP block in the design file matches exactly with the unit in Network view. Otherwise you will not be able to load the design to the physical device. The name can be changed either in the design file or the DSP units name can be changed in Network View, right click the device to "Device Setup"

A window will pop-up. Check the connected devices that you would like to load your design to. Then click "Ok".

Going online may take up to several minutes. Please do not disrupt the process. The progress bar at the top will display the overall progress percentage.

Once online, the work area will become a solid color and the menus are no longer available. 

Double click the DSP module to open the device. Adjust the DSP module parameters in real-time.

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