Connecting in XConsole:

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of XConsole. (v9.04) If connecting using serial port/USB, follow the instructions below:

Open up the XConsole software.

Under the Setup tab at the top, select "Port Connection".

A window will appear. Click on "Device Manager".

Under Ports (COM & LPT), a Silicon Labs device will display.
If this is not displayed, try reconnecting the device (Disconnect and reconnect cable).

Please note the COM port of the device.

Navigate back to the Connection Setup window in XConsole and change the COM Port to the COM Port # that was listed in Device Manager. Make sure that the Online box is checked. Then click "OK".

Restart XConsole and the device will now be connected.

If the device is still not connecting, try assigning an manual static IP Address to the device. Please note that this connection is done via Ethernet Cat5 cable.

In addition, the COM port has to be COM1 to COM8. To check if there is another software running taking the COM port:

  1. Open Terminal (Either click Command Prompt in XConsole or type Command at the Windows start button Search programs and files area.
  2.  Close XConsole if it is opened.
  3. Type Mode COM# where COM# is the Com Port# shown in Device Manager for Silabs.
  4. If the port is available, it will show the serial port settings. (Don't worry about the values, they are not important.) If it says it is unavailable, then some software is taking up the port.
    If the port is available, then set this port number in XConsole. The device should connect successfully.


Connecting in Xilica Designer:

When connecting an X Series device to Xilica Designer, the device connection must be through an Ethernet Cat 5 cable.
Please note that some features are not available for X Series devices in Xilica Designer.

 The device IP address must be manually configured.

Open the Xilica Designer software and create a new Neutrino/Uno/Rio Series project.

Drag and drop the matching X Series device from the Component Library menu (on the left) into the work area grid.

Right click the device module and select "Map Physical Device" > "Universal Control IP Settings" > "Setup IP Address".

Type the device IP Address to be the same as the device.

On the front panel of the X Series device, use the Sys/Enter button to enter the System menu.
Use the menu button to navigate to the Ethernet menu. The device IP Address is listed here. 

Once done, click "Ok" to save your settings and to exit out of the window. 

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