Xilica Designer allows the designer to create a blueprint that can be used for documentation, submittals, and handed to an installation technician for use on the job site. The blueprint page can include wire identification/type, equipment names and locations, including notes for the job.

Blueprint Design

Add Devices

From the list of devices in the Component Library menu on the left, drag and drop the devices needed for the design into the work area grid.

For User Defined Devices, select each device and customize the device properties in the Object Property menu on the right.

If you are using multiples of the same device, simply copy and paste the device by right clicking the first device, select "Copy". Then select the grid, right click and select "Paste".

Create and label wires

Click and drag from one module input/output to another module input/output to create a wire. Select a wire and use the red nodes to adjust the path.

Label wires easily by selecting a wire, and changing the wire and cable information in the Object Property menu.

Source label: labels input of wire
Dest. Label: labels wire destination
You may also label the cable ID, type, length and include a description.

Organize the Design

Organize your page by adding Drawing Elements into the design. Easily drag and drop shapes, labels and lines from the Component Library into the work area and customize them using the Object Property menu. 

Project Information

At the bottom right of the work area displays a Project information block. Double click this box to edit the information. 

Click Done to save the changes. 

Saving your Project

To save your project, Navigate to the "File" tab at the top left of the software.

Click "Save As" to save a new Project file.

If a new project file is already created, click "Save" to save all project changes.

A save icon can also be found at the top right of the work area (Floppy Disk icon). Click this icon to save projects quickly. 

It is recommended to back up your Project Files to an external location.

Export the Design

At any point in the design process you may print a copy of the project as a JPEG or AutoCAD image file. 

Under the "Project" tab at the top of the software, select "Export Project Design Drawings..."

This will print a JPEG image of the Project View at a resolution of 1800x1200 pixels.

Export Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials generates an organized document listing all physical cabling and hardware descriptions.

First, save the project design. 

Under the "Project" tab at the top of the software, select "Export Bill of Materials..."

A window will appear with a Bill of Materials list. 

At the top right of the window select "Export to MS Excel". This will generate a Microsoft Excel (.xls) file with the information included in design.

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