Xilica Designer is a simple drag & drop configured platform used to quickly and effectively design projects for all application types.

To create a new project, open the Xilica Designer software and select "New Project". 

When creating a new project, Xilica Designer will ask which DSP you are using: Neutrino/Uno/Rio Series DSP or Solaro Series DSP. The DSP architectures are very different, therefore the DSP projects must be separated.

Project View

When a new Project is created, the software will automatically be in Project View. Project View is where you can design, customize and configure your devices.

To the left of the screen is the Component Library menu. This menu displays a list of design modules and devices to add into the project design.

The dotted grid is the work area. Simply drag and drop modules from the Component Library into the work area.

To the right of the screen is the Object Property menu. This is menu allows users to customize devices and modules.

Starting a new Design

Adding Devices

Simply drag and drop a DSP module from the Component Library menu into the work area.

With the device highlighted, easily view and change the device properties in the Object Property menu. 

DSP Schematic

Double click the DSP module to open the design schematic. 

A new window will appear. Resize windows by clicking and dragging the corner of the window. Use the zoom slider at the top right of the window to adjust the view.

Drag a selection box around multiple modules or click and drag modules to move them. 

DSP Modules

Notice that the Component Library menu has changed to a list of DSP modules. Simply click and drag a DSP module into the device schematic work area to begin your DSP design.

Different DSP modules have different object properties. (Ex. PEQ bands can be determined in the Object Property menu).

Double click the DSP module to open it and make adjustments accordingly.

Wire modules

Easily wire modules by selecting an input/output node of one module and dragging your mouse to another input/output of another module.

When there are multiple wires in the design, the wires may overlap and be difficult to read. To move wires, click and drag the corner of a wire Or highlight the wire and click and drag the wire nodes. You may also use your keyboard arrow keys to adjust selected wires.

Duplicating processing chains

Click and drag a selection box around multiple objects to select multiple objects at once.

Right click and select "Copy" to copy all highlighted items.

Click on the work area grid. Then right click and select "Paste".

Duplicate the chain as many times as needed.

Wire the modules accordingly. 

Saving your Project

Navigate to the "File" tab at the top left of the software.

Click "Save As" to save a new Project file.

If a new project file is already created, click "Save" to save all project changes.

A save icon at the top right of the work area (Floppy Disk icon) can also be used to save changes to an existing project file quickly.

It is recommended to back up Project Files to an external location. 

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