Network information allows the user to manually set IP Addresses for devices.
To find your network information, please follow the steps below.

Windows Platform

In the Start menu, select "Run..."

A run window will appear. Type Cmd in the Open box and click OK. 

The Command Prompt window will open.

Type ipconfig/all and hit Enter.

From the list of values, you can locate your network information including: IP Address (IPv4), Subnet mask and Default Gateway.

Manually assigning IP Addresses: 

In Xilica Designer's Network View, right click the device and select "Device Setup".

In the "Network" tab, click the "Change Network Configuration" button and disable DHCP.

Set the device IP Address to be the same first 3 group of digits as your computer IP Address but change the last group of digits. (Ex. Computer IP Address: , Manual Device IP Address: 192.168.1.XXX  - where X is any value from 0-254)

The Subnet is:

The Gateway is the same first 3 groups of digits as your computer Address with the last number being 1. (Ex. Computer IP Address: , Device Gateway is:

Once done, click "Apply" to save your settings and "Done" to exit out of the window. 

Your devices should now appear online and connected. If your device is not connecting, try rebooting the Xilica Designer software.

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