If you see a yellow network indicator in Xilica Designer’s Network View, this means that the device is Connected but not operational. Hovering over the network indicator will display a pop-up message of identified problems.

Probable causes include: 

Device Not Ready
This message means that processor needs a design to be loaded into the device.
If the same error message persists even after loading a design to the device, please restart the device and reboot the software.

DSP Processing Error
This message may display because a bad pre-designed project was loaded into the device.
Try reloading the pre-designed DSP file into the device.

If the connection indicator is still yellow, restart the device and reboot the Xilica Designer software.

DSP Processing Error
The pop up message shown will print out an error code. Please retry the Firmware Upgrade.

Device can communicate to Xilica Designer with UDP but cannot communicate with TCP

In Network View, right click the device block.

Select "Device Setup". 

Select the "Network" tab.

Click "TCP Test / UDP Test" to test the connections.

If failed, please check your computers Firewall or Router settings. Please also check that Wi-Fi is turned off.

Click "Start Network Statistics" to view Network Statistic information. 

If a change has been made, restart the Xilica Designer software and review the device connection.

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