Xilica Designer's Network View displays all processors and control devices on the network. The Network View displays information such as the device model, network connection status, computer address, IP address, manufacturer and the firmware version of the device.

At the top left of the device block is a network connection indicator. This indicator will display the status of your the. The indicator displays in three colors: red, yellow and green.

Network Connection Indicators:
Green (On): The device is connected and operational.
Yellow: The device is connected and online but not operational. Hovering over this indicator will display a pop-up message of identified problems.
Red (Off): The device is not connected and is offline. There is no communication between the software and the hardware device. Please check all cables, modular cards, connections and power. If the processor is busy performing a Firmware Upgrade or is in the process of rebooting, this may be a temporary offline interruption.

At times you may see an exclamation mark. This indicates that a Firmware Upgrade is available. You may view and download the latest Firmware Upgrade for your device from the Xilica website.

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