Xilica Designer's Network View displays all processors and control devices on the network. The Network View displays information such as the device model, network connection status, computer address, IP address, manufacturer and the firmware version of the device.

At the top left of the software, Network View: Devices detected on all network interfaces information will display. This displays IP address of detected network interfaces on your computer running Xilica Designer.

Device block represents the physical device. If the device is a Dante-enabled device, a Dante emblem will display at the top right of the device block. The top left displays a network connection indicator. This indicator will display the status of the device. The indicator can be Green ON or Red OFF. 

Green ON: The device is connected and operational.
RED OFF: There is no communication between the software and the hardware device. Please check all cables with a cable tester, check all connections and power of the device. If the processor is busy performing a Firmware Upgrade or is in the process of rebooting, this may be a temporary offline interruption.

At the top right of the software, "Create New Project from Selected Device(s)", "Sync Clock to All Devices", "Remove All Offline Devices", Refresh icon.

Right click the device block. the following options will appear:
Export Device Design to File: If the device has a design file inside, you can pull the design file from the physical device. (The connection indicator must be Green ON to retrieve the file)
Device Setup: View and edit device information, network settings, device options, resource usage, and Dante Network setup.
Mute Device
UnMute Device
Flash Front Panel:
Flash the front panel to confirm the connected device.
Stop Flashing Front Panel
Clear All User Data:
Erases all user data in the device.
Synchronize Device Clock:
Synchronize your host computer clock to the device real-time clock.  
Firmware Upgrade
Remote Reset Device -
Reset device settings back to factory default

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